Destiny Quest

The Destiny Quest series by Michael J. Ward is truly epic in nature. For that reason there will be many entries in this blog detailing my attempts at the various quests. The links to whisk you away to these playthroughs are below, ordered first by book, then by Act, then by Quest difficulty. Catch up on my adventures through Valeron!

Destiny Quest: The Legion of Shadow (2012)

Act 1: Tithebury

Rat Extermination (Orange) 
Whatever the Weather (Orange)
The Black Book (Blue)
Down the Well (Blue) 
The Stone Circle (Blue)
The Witch Hunt (Red) 
Humbaroth the Giant (Legendary Monster)
Mauler (Legendary Monster)
Zalladell the Satyr (Legendary Monster)
Bridge Toll (Boss)

Act 2: Mistwood and Blackmarsh

Act 3: The Bone Fields

Destiny Quest: The Heart of Fire (2012)

Destiny Quest: The Eye of Winter's Fury (2014)

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