Tuesday, 4 September 2012

You Plonker!

At least I'm not a member of the Groovy Gang!
I have a confession to make. I am an idiot, a fool, a twit, a plonker, a dunce or whichever synonym you care to use. Having signed up for the Beta testing for the Ipod app of Blood of the Zombies as made by the lovely people at Tin Man Games, I received an email from Neil Rennison aka the Tin Man himself telling me that I was awesome and granting me a commission to write a Gamebook Adventure. Ok, maybe that was merely a dream...
What he did send me though was an email sent to all Beta testing applicants with an NDA (That's Non-Disclosure Agreement) for us to sign and return basically stating that we were aware that all work we were testing was property of Tin Man Games and we would not plagerise or otherwise rip off any of the work we were testing, or steal any of Neil's Triple Chocolate Cookies. I duly signed it and attached the signed copy in an email reply and sent it off...

Or, to be more precise, I thought I had. Upon receiving a further email from Neil this morning confirming the time had expired to send back the NDA's, I noticed something truly horrible in the corner of my eye! Having deleted the email from my Uncle Fester I also noticed the number 1 in brackets by my Drafts folder. Bugger. My fears were confirmed when I opened the folder. I may have filled out the NDA but I had never actually sent the email back. This was disappointing. Lessons will be learnt and I will hopefully get the chance for a later production; maybe the House of Hell app. For now though, I merely hang my head in shame and think that I probably deserve that stupid Tattoo on my forehead I got recently on my trip to Port Blacksand. A fairly obvious moral here;
Always check that you have done something you think you have, do not merely assume it has been done.
With that I'm off to hopefully use more sense in my adventures through DestinyQuest; I'll return soon folks!