Sunday, 5 August 2012

Just a Quickie

I needed an image. Seeing how our games are
going this seems appropriate.
I must start by saying that all potential innuendo within the title of this post and anything that comes from within is fully intentional. On that note, this post will be short, to the point and will more than likely leave even my hardcore readers unsatisfied. Blood of the Zombies is now out. My signed copy is (hopefully) in the post right now, but some of my lucky fellow bloggers (Namely TorallionMarsten and Stuart Lloyd) were lucky enough to go to Forbidden Planet and meet not only Ian Livingstone in person but also The Tin Man himself of Tin Man Games. From looking at their blog posts/recent tweets it appears they had a rather amazing time of it. Oh for missed opportunities. Bugger. I only hope this will not have been my only opportunity to meet Ian Livingstone or indeed any of the people I mentioned above. A gamebook bloggers meet up of some sort is surely a good idea? (Hint hint!)

To change flow a minute and give you something a little different, (Warned you) how amazing are GB doing in the Olympics right now?! Inspirational stuff. I can't even ride a bike but seeing the efforts of Bradley Wiggins et al makes me want to just get outside and ride a bike to nowhere in particular. To see so many go all the way and provide the climax of a medal in front of an excited home crowd is great and had bought me close to tears on numerous occasions over the past week. More I say! I shall now finish myself by giving you all an overwhelming feeling of relief; I have not forgotten about my City of Thieves playthrough. I have got so caught up in the spirit of the Olympics watching everything that I have simply not had time. It is therefore unlikely that the playthrough will be up before the Olympics reach their conclusion. Apologies for that, but on the positive side by the 12th August I shall be a very proud owner of Blood of the Zombies. Rest assured, I shall be sharing with you what I expect to be a pleasurable experience likely involving death by Zombie, as soon as possible following the conclusion of the greatest Olympic games ever. The moral for today took some thinking; I thought about bemoaning my misfortune of not getting down to London yesterday some more, but positivity and humour wins the day. 'None can appreciate innuendo as much as the Brits'.


  1. I would love a gamebook blogger get together :)

    If you can get up to Edinburgh on the 11th, you could find him then.

    1. It would be pretty good :) And I cannot unfortunately as I am holidaying in the Lake District then. One day, one day...

  2. I've actually been giving some serious thought to throwing together a meetup for the lot of us. Might call it 'The Gamebook Guild Gathering', but if I did that, nobody would come within a 10 mile radius of it with a name like that! Seriously though, it's an idea I'm thinking about putting together. You could show me some of Tin Man's work on one of those fancy high-tech magic eye-pad things (it's sorcery, I tell ya!)