Monday, 9 July 2012

Tentacle Exploration?!?!

Lies, Damned lies, and Statistics...
One of the great things you can do being a Blogger is be presented with a wonderful list of statistics listing various things such as how many people visit your blog and how they stumble across it in the first place. Being reasonably skilled/interested in mathematics, I confess to being rather obsessed with said statistics. The two people I owe the most thanks to according to my stats are Marsten and Stuart Lloyd, who consistently give me lots of hits here. Thanking you both muchly (and anyone else who has helped me get views). Today is apparently an interesting day, as the race for the most frequently used browser to view my blog hots up. Firefox has swept aside Google Chrome and is now mounting a serious challenge on Internet Explorer for the much desired honour of absolutely fuck all. In the battle for world domination the good people of Russia have gone from never viewing my blog at all to over 35 hits in the space of only a few hours. With dedication like this it's no real wonder why they were such a force in the Space race... Thank you Russia. And Hungary - you too have been giving me many hits over the past few days, I only hope the Google translate gadget is doing its thing properly and not giving you all inaccurate translations of the word 'Bugger'. As you can see from the above set of statistics, there was a week I didn't post anything where my view count dropped massively, a lesson if one was needed to keep the updates coming fast. I'm trying, honest!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Octopi, I present Exhibit A.
Whilst trundling through my stats today though, I came across something most bizarre. There is a stat listing what words people have Google searched to come across the bundle of joy that is this blog. Top of the list with 7 people searching it is 'tentacle exploration'. Curious as to why, I foolishly Googled this myself, as I was unaware as to any possible reference to tentacle exploration I had made within my entries. (Having now checked I guess it may be part of my Portal of evil playthrough, part of the competition with the Salt-Suckers on my face) What appeared on my open browser was a whole load of references to what is apparently the most popular kind of tentacle exploration on the planet Earth on which we live. Without ruining the innocence of any potential younger readers, I shall say that the activity concerned originates from Japan, and has scarred me for life! Also, I advise none of you to ever Google tentacle exploration yourself, as despite searching through the top 30 results I found no link to my blog, which suggests Blogger is playing a cruel sadistic game with me. Today has been an important life lesson in the very reason why Google has a safe search option, which it is safe to say (Pun not intended - honest) I shall have switched on from now on!

Back to the world of FF, new updates in the blogsphere include part 2 of Stuart Lloyd's look at the fairness of the task at hand within various gamebooks, a futile search for a Temple of Terror in the company of Marsten, and Dan Dan the Fighting Dantasy man has been star-trekkin' across the universe. (again) As for the blog you are currently reading, I hope to have Sky Lord up within the next few days with any luck, so keep the faith people! The moral of the above mess of a post (again, no pun intended!) is for once mildly useful: The Google safe-search option is there for a reason - USE IT! Until next time, take care everyone.

P.S: I suppose after this post many more people will find this blog via searching for tentacle exploration, only to be most surprised/disappointed by what they find. Ah well...


  1. Just to help out with your tentacle schtuff -

    1. Am I allowed to shamelessly steal that and replace my current photo with it?

  2. Glad to see I'm bringing you traffic and looking forward to your Sky Lord post. Sky Lord is a bit of a crazy ride.