Friday, 15 June 2012

Most excellent news Sir!

Mixing the new and retro - nice!
It's official. To the right is the cover for the new FF book coming out in August. As you can see, it's a pretty good looking cover, but for me personally the best bit is the (albeit slightly redesigned) classic FF logo in the bottom right. The official Fighting Fantasy website also informs me Ian has been able to get Wizard to put a green spine on it. Owing to not being alive through most of the Puffin run, I can't claim excitement to the nostalgic feel this will bring to some, although I imagine this will have some people foaming at the mouth. (The good kind involving excitement, not the first stage of rabies or transforming into one of the Undead) Apparently the artist is Greg Staples, whom Judge Dredd fans will be familiar with. Ian appears to be aiming at enticing both new and old FF fans with this cover, an aim I think will be well achieved. The official website also has a few of the interior illustrations up, which are quite frankly excellent. My only hope is that Ian has resisted the urge to include a long-lost relative of Razaak in  the 30th anniversary special, with a similarly long and ridiculously hard item hunt to defeat him. Saying that, everything about this book so far seems top notch, and its a good job I have plenty of other FF books to play through to help make the wait for this pass quicker.

Hopefully Blood of the Zombies will be the first of many new FF books to hit the shelves in coming years, with hopefully a new Dinosaur epic being one of them. (I can dream, right?) Although this is more of an 'Eek,   this is amazing' post rather than a full-blooded epic like my last one, I still feel I can't leave without the traditional moral for life. It's rather simple really - August is a most excellent month. Well, it is! A new challenging FF book and it also happens to be my birthday then. Expect The Warlock of Firetop Mountain  to be up at some point next week, but until then, Ciao.


  1. This certainly is an excellent cover - very different to the 80s ones. I am definately looking forward to this one.

  2. This is a lovely cover, very stylish. It reminds me of another gamebook I picked up lately, "Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?"

    The answer to that was no, I could not.